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Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board

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The Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board is a service that has been designed as the prime initiative to help the European nanomedicine community not to get lost in translation.


The mission of the Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board is to guide and promote innovative nanomedicine projects by providing free strategic advice, support and concrete recommendations. The ultimate mission of TAB is to facilitate access to clinical trials or the market uptake of promising projects supported.


The TAB aims at helping individual actors of the European nanomedicine community to translate their promising projects into innovative products for healthcare by providing a free advisory service based on the high-level experience of seasoned nanomedicine translation experts.


  • Stage-gate service that offers free one-to-one advice sessions to the European nanomedicine community at any stage of their nanobiomedical endeavours. Duration and depth of the advisory service depends on the merit of each project to qualify for the different stages of the service.
  • The content is driven by the needs each project brings, and tailored to the beneficiaries’ ultimate concerns and expectations. It may include topics such as R&D; process development, optimisation and scale-up; safety and quality control; clinical investigation; regulatory and reimbursement issues; intellectual property rights and licensing; business strategy, business modelling and development, funding strategies; networking, collaboration, commercialisation.
  • Advice aims at responding to projects’ needs including access to clinical centres for first studies in patients, financial resources from investors and/or large companies to accelerate critical steps to market
  • Most promising projects will be eligible for further high value services such as showcase opportunities to clinical trial centres, investors and large companies. Special coaching sessions may be organised prior to showcasing events.
  • The nature of the advice and recommendations to be provided is not binding, meaning that beneficiaries may or not follow advice and recommendations at their own discretion.

Consult the TAB website for detailed information about the scope of advice, application procedures and the experts:

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Mr. Pedro Silva

TAB Management Unit
TecMinho - The University-Enterprise Association
University of Minho - Campus de Azurém - 4800-058 Guimarães
Tel.: +351 253 510 596

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