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Press Releases

PR - TAB 1st Launch
PR-Nanomedicine Award 2015 Winners
PR-Launch Nanomedicine Award 2015
PR-TAB 3rd Round June 2016
Press Release - 4th Round of the Translation Advisory Board launched
Paris, January 31st, 2017: The Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board (NanomedTAB) offers since 2015 a free-of-charge mentoring program to assess, advise and accelerate promising nanomedicine projects to the market, based on the diverse experience of top skills industry experts. The objective? Help great projects and teams to get to commercial application faster and more reliably...
PR Disruptive Med Talk at BIO-Europe 2017
PR- NanoMedTalks @ BIO Convention July 2015
PR-Nanomedicine SRIA Fev 2016
PR-TAB 2nd Round April 2016
PR-Template NWCD2017
PR- TAB 5th Round March 2017
PR- Nanomed Award 2017
PR-TAB 6th Round July 2017
PR- Winners Nanomed Award 2017